J&G Black is and always has been a family owned and run business. It is currently run by Father and son John and Stuart Black, who are both company directors. John’s father, Stuart’s Grampa, the late Thomas Black, started the business in 1972.

Thomas Black was a farmer who owned the fourth largest pig farm in Scotland. Always looking to expand his business, he bought his first truck in 1974 and the rest is, as they say, history. Thomas Black built a very well-known haulage company and ran a fleet of 30 units and 60 trailers.

Every type of  cargo was transported Coca Cola, Paper, Golden Wonder crisps, Robinson Juice to name but a few. Then in 1984 John was asked to start delivering fish for Scot Trout. Then in 1992, Thomas asked John if he wanted the company but all John wanted was the fish trucks, so all the general haulage trucks were sold. Shortly after this, John agreed to buy the on-going business which was renamed J&G Black Haulage. 

In 2007 John's Son, Stuart became a Director of the business. Since then, this second generation of a Father & Son partnership has seen the business increase by more than double and is still growing every year.